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Please follow the steps below in order to have access to your existing account that was registered in the old system. You may need to repeat this process if you own multiple accounts. .

Step 1 Please provide your existing username that was registered on the old backoffice at that you wish to have access to.

Step 2 Click or tap on the E-mail Activation Link upon inputting your existing account username.

Step 3 You will now receive an email from us within couple of minutes with a unique link that is corresponding to the account username you have provided. Further instruction will be provided on the next form.

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Note: If you have note received an email within couple of minutes, please revisit your old back office at to confirm your email is correct. Please do not change the email on your old back office you no longer have access to this email as this will not work since we won't have the new amendments you made on our system. You will need to log a support ticket to us with your full account details to activate your account again.

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